Project examination

True experts will never get to code right from the beginning — any app needs a coherent outline on how to move forward. In order to set objectives for the project management roadmap, we gather and analyze project requirements. This helps us get a clear understanding of future work and consider all potential goings-on.

Feature prioritization

By putting aside all non-functional extras, we help a client get a better vision of a future product. Our managers use the MoSCoW method and plan a vital set of features. Thus, dispose of features users are not interested in and reduce the cost.

Mobile-focused UI/UX design

We create wireframes and build low and high-fidelity prototypes screen by screen. If the client wants to get a universal interface, we’ll deal with it, if the client wants to have two custom versions for iOS and Android ,it’s always possible to implement the specific elements of each operating system.

Qualified development

According to Scrum, we split the development process into sprints — it allows us to present intermediate builds to a client, therefore keep them in the loop. We use TestFlight and Google Play beta releases, which makes it possible to test a product on real devices.

QA testing

We use quality control and management system to deliver high-quality products. Combining manual testing and automated testing technologies (RSpec, Capybara), we cover a wide range of conditions and scenarios, so a client could be sure a product won’t have any flyings out of control.

Release and Maintenance

We ensure mobile apps that we work on are accepted and published in the App Store and Google Play. To make sure all bugs are fixed and the product steadily works, we provide post-launch support and further scale-up if needed.